Lifting equipment repairs

Taking care of your lift is our job. We understand that the lift is an important tool and it has to be back in work as soon as possible. The quality of the lift’s repair is directly related to the efficiency of your production, future costs, the preservation of the goods and the safety of the workers.

If possible, repairs will take place at the client’s place. For major works, we perform repairs in our workshops. When performing major repairs, we inspect the machine and send you a preliminary estimate of the work required. We provide a guarantee for the work done by our mechanics and for the spare parts purchased from us. We perform all types of repairs, including gearbox repairs, rear axle repairs, hydraulic cylinder repairs, etc.

Our team includes mechanics, electricians, gearbox and hdyraulic specialists that guarantee the high-quality repairs of your truck. We offer replacement forklifts with a discount during the repair of the forklift.

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