10 questions to find an answer before purchasing warehouse equipment

November 2, 2021
If you have reached a situation with your company where there is a need to change the layout of an existing warehouse or the construction of a new warehouse is ahead, it often involves the need to buy or replace machines related to the handling of goods. Our sales manager Andrek Obet has written ten questions, to which answers should be found already in the warehouse planning stage, so that the new work environment and used machine park would fit well together. The goal of every company is to achieve maximum productivity in the company's warehouse. Read more

The future lies with electric forklifts

October 26, 2021
New electrical solutions take us to a new generation of forklifts, the main keyword of which is efficiency! Hangcha is committed to innovating electrical technology in its production. Read more

We opened a new office in Jüri Tehnopark

August 2, 2020
On July 31 of 2020,  we celebrated the opening of our new Jüri office with a festive ribbon cutting. In fact, it was a move, because the old Tallinn office on Kadaka tee remained small and no longer met the growing need for forklifts. Read more